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Yuma with Clint Walker classic western movie free

Here is Clint Walker in Yuma . Clint is best known for his Cheyenne Warner Brothers television series . and here is Clint in Yuma another wonderful western movie for you to see here for free .

This is the only copy of this wonderful movie that we could find. There are some ads .
This is a really good made for television western movie from 1971 titled Yuma it was produced by Aaron Spelling. This Movie stars Clint Walker who will always be Cheyenne Bodie to many folks. The cast also includes Kathryn Hays, Barry Sullivan, Edgar Buchanan, Morgan Woodward, Peter Mark Richman, John Kerr, Bing ( Neil ) Russell, Bruce Glover, Robert Phillips, Miguel Alejandro, Rudy Diaz, Bill McLean and Napoleon Whiting. Hosted by Bob Terry . Filmed in and around Old Tucson Arizona. This movie is in the Public Domain. This movie was done in the early 1970s when westerns were really fading away and as far as made for TV movies go this is a really good one with a great cast. The way the boy learns to swim at the end is how my dad taught me to swim. If you would like to see more Clint Walker western movies you can actually purchase them from the Big Guy Himself at http://www.clintwalker.com

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